Asus P5q Pro Problem with 4 sicks of ram.

Hello all.
I have a Asus p5q Pro mobo which i have been running with 2x2 bg DD2 -800. Today i got my order from New Egg with my new case fans and another 2x2gb of ram The ram is the same as what is already in the computer..

Problems- I add the two new sticks for a total of 8g and the pc turns on, but nothing on my monitor. So, i thought to myself maybe one is bad. I took all the ram out and started the computer with just one stick in till i tested all 4. Everything worked fine.

So, I put my two old sticks in and 1 new stick, The computer starts to boot and when it gets to the screen saying "loading windows" it just reboots and keeps going.

Here are some things i have tried.

I played around with the timings to a 5-5-5-15-6-55-6 that i found in other fourms, That didn't change anything. I also set NB to 1.30 V and keep increasing a bit and decreasing, to no luck.

I really hope someone can help me with this I've looked everywhere..

System specs:
Windows 7 64 Home
Intel q9950
Asus P5q pro motherboard
2 4870's 1 gig.
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  1. Did you try boosting the RAM voltage? Default DDR2 800 5-5-5-15 is probably 1.8v. You can try in .1 increments up to 2.2v.
  2. Yes sorry, I did try that. Started at 1.8 then went up as high as 2.10 which i seen in other fourms. Nothing helped =/
  3. What RAM is it? Is it on the QVL?
  4. QVL?

    It is Gskill 6400CL5D-4GBNT
  5. QVL = qualified vendor list.

    It's here under memory and device support. A pdf file.

    I don't see that exact kit. There are a few very similar but not that exact one. It's usually not even a problem if a RAM kit is not on the QVL but it can cause problems occasionally.
  6. By the looks of that my ram should be fine.. I'm not sure what could be going on. Hopefully if this has happen to someone else they have a fix lol.
  7. Your exact kit is not on that QVL. It's rare but that alone is reason enough for it not to work. You tried everything I can think of. It's actually common for a voltage bump to be necessary when populating all 4 DIMMs in a DDR2 system. That did not fix it though. You might try 2.2v just for the hell of it.
  8. I just figured since the two i already have work fine, that there shouldn't be a problem with 4
  9. Some boards can be picky when all 4 slots are filled. Try 2.2v.
  10. many boards have issues running 4 sticks even if they are on the qvl.
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