How is my crysis benchmark score?

This is with 5850 oc
SB 2600k 4.2
4gb ram

Is my score high?
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  1. That is pretty good.
    The 5850 overclocks work wonders.
  2. I did something wrong on that test .... coz when I played crysis today at 1920x1080 it ran at the 30s

    I did a test again and here's what I got:

    Min FPS: 28.38 at frame 139, Max FPS: 38.52 at frame 880
    Average Tri/Sec: -9522011, Tri/Frame: -272507
    Recorded/Played Tris ratio: -3.36
    TimeDemo Play Ended, (3 Runs Performed)

    Completed All Tests


    2/6/2011 8:53:47 AM - Vista 64

    Run #1- DX10 1920x1080 AA=8x, 32 bit test, Quality: VeryHigh ~~ Overall Average FPS: 34.935

    Does this looks bad or good for a OC'ed 5850?
  3. Terrible score, by any nvidia card for 20x the performance.... :D

    Just kidding, nice score :)
  4. hmm...That can't be right.My overclocked 260 with i7 920 oced to 4ghz gets 29fps on that test although I have overclocked the card by 200MHZ though to 786shader 1388Memory
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