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hi guys, just a question out of interest, is there anything wrong with the 555 (amd phenom)? to me, it seems like a decent processor (don't know if i'm complementing it or insulting other CPUs). so how does it stack up against the athlon x3s and the sandy bridge pentiums? to me i think that the 555 would be better than the pentiums because of clock speed and cache, but seeing how the i3-2100 can stand up to a 955, its got me wondering. BTW i'm asking from mainly a gaming point of view, but any information, benchmarks etc. is welcome
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  1. To me there is nothing wrong with a phenom ii x2 555 cpu, heck i played crysis 1 on high and very high mixed with a gt 430 (using 800x600 rez xD) and still get very good fps
    plus if you get the right mobo like a A770e3 (one that has an SB710 chispet) you can unlock two extra cores. I have mine running on 3.2ghz (per core) htt set at 1.2ghz vcore on 1.41volts, NB st on 1.28volts and ACC enabled using stock cooling, (still stable using it now) ITS JUST SO FAST!!! :bounce: also i paid 90 bucks for it (newegg) :bounce:

    even if you can't unlock to two cores its still a good cpu to play games (3.2ghz dual core?! 90 bucks free shipping??!!! (newegg) its like they are just handing this out to people.
  2. only bad thing about unlocking is you cant see the per core temps (i cant see the overall temps on mine)
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    This is around a year old and does not compare the exact CPUs but does show the difference between 2,3 &4 core Athlons and the difference between a 4 core athlon and a 4 core phenom.

    From this I would guess on average a Phenom x2 would perform around the same as an Athlon x3. Also the 955BE is so cheap now its hard to recommend anything less unless your budget is very low. BTW I got a Phenom II X2 550BE nearly 2 years ago and unlocked it to a x4 which is great a x4 for x2 price but there is no guarantee.
  4. thanks guys, i also read somewhere that the 550, 555, 955, etc are all the same chip, gathering from what you said i assume that is true?
  5. They are not the same chip. They are all made 4 core but the x2s may have faulty cores which may not work or may need more voltage to make them stable. Also the 550BE is C2 stepping, the 555BE is C3 and the 955 comes in both but not many C2 will still be for sale.
  6. for gaming quad core is becoming a must. I would forget dual core cpu's, especially with how cheap a 955 can be had for now. If you have read toms review on crysis 2, you will see what a benefid a quad core can be.. The only exception would be intels i3 dual cores with hyperthreading, which are awesome value for gaming giving better performance than an amd quad core in 90% of situations.
  7. thanks for your help, i see what you mean with the 555 only being $20 cheaper than a $955, AMD's dropping the price on the 955 seems to have killed the 555, seems similar to the 6870 and the 6950 IMO.
  8. Weird in the UK its the 6850 and 6870 than are nearly the same price and the 1gb 6950 is at least £50 more than the 6870.
  9. serious? talk about eating themselves broke... well, rather lose sales to themselves than nvidia
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