How to update asrock z68 extreme 4 gen 3 bios?

I followed their instructions but it didn't work...?

1. Formatted USB to FAT 32.

2. Put Bios File on there.

3. Reboot

4. Spam F6

5. Goes into utility, suddenly exits.

6. Boots into Windows.

7. Attempt again.

8. Format USB to FAT 16

9. Extract bios file to USB

10. Reboot

11. Press F6 During Boot Up.

12. Flashes for 1 second in utility, then boots into windows.

13. ME:
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  1. You can update verry easy from your hard drive. That's how i updated by BIOS any time.
  2. How...? :/
  3. Save the new BIOS on HDD. Click on red + sign where is write Windows and read how to do, quick and easy.
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