Loss of performance

I'm having a loss of performance in games for some reason and this is what I have tried.

reinstalling drivers
anti virus scan
system defrag
when into dxdiag but no problems found but I couldn't find the test buttons

This is something else that is happening that I think could be affiliated with the loss of performance.The catalyst control center is very slow now and when I goto the task manager its going back and forth between not responding and running.
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  1. Check the temperatures of your CPU, RAM, graphics card, etc. and see if there are any abnormalities. Please also post system specs.
  2. win7 64 bit
    amd athlon IIx4 640 processor
    4gb of ram
    ati radeon hd 4350

    It showing cpu between 16 and 18c.I'm not sure if system temp is what you are asking for but it says 38c.The catalyst control center is showing the temp as 55c and 0% activity.I don't know much about this stuff so I wouldn't know abnormalities if they were there.
  3. GPU temp is a bit high for idle. Make sure the GPU fan is spinning, and check for dust build-up.
  4. how do I check if fan is spinning
  5. Use a piece of paper, or your finger, gently. It won't harm anything if you momentarily stop the fan if it is spinning.
  6. I got some tool called fox one that shows a whole bunch of stuff like that but I don't quite understand it.I'm redownloading and reinsatlling a game right now to see if anything changes but I'll look into the inside of the pc 2 morrow
  7. Download OCCT and run CPU and GPU tests monitoring temps and voltages. If it make sit through, look at the graphs at the end looking for any voltage instabilities.
  8. I unitstalled the graphics card drivers again and ran a driver sweep program this time and reinstalled them and everything seems to be ok for now.
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