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Okay i have a MSI5970,XFX5870, Saphire 5850...can i crossfire them all in one pc..what would be my best bet...should i work with only 2 or all 3?
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  1. Mmhmm... Yeah, you can crossfire a 5970 and 5870, since the 5970 is really a 5870x2 at lower clocks, and I think it's technically possible to add the 5850 (maybe its not), but I would definitely not try. Even if it did work it would be slower than the other three and only give a tiny boost to your speed if it didn't lower the overall performance. Stick with the 5970 and 5870.
    I've heard that when 5870(s) and 5850(s) are used together, they are slower than a bunch of 5850s, because the 5870s have to run at 5850 performance, and then there is some overhead as well.
  2. yea i have the 5870 and 5850 together and it sucks..thanks ill just sell the 5850..
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