New Intel 2500k Build, Couple Questions

Just finished putting together my first system and just had a question or two:


Case - Rosewill Challenger
Proc - Intel i5 2500k
Mobo - MSI p67a-g45
Ram - 2 x 4gb Gskill 1600 9
PSU - Seasonic 620w
GPU - 5670
HDD - Samsung Spinpoint 1TB
DVD/CD Burner - LG

I haven't loaded the OS yet (win7) since I am still waiting for my dvd drive to come in but it does fire up fine and can get into bios no problem.

My question is about the Challenger power led light(the small red one up top). When I power on the light will blink a few times at post and then just stays off. Is that suppose to happen or is it suppose to stay on? Also, and yes this is a dumb one, but while I am at it, which front button is the power button, they are not labled so i was curious? I have it set up for the larger button as my power and small as reset.

Another question is about the SATA ports on the board. I have a normal 3gb hdd as my primary drive so should I start the sata hook ups at SATA #1(which is a 6gb port) or SATA #3 (3gb ports) or does it even matter with SATA?

If I add an SSD later when I can afford a big enough one can I change the SATA configuration so the SSD is first?

Does it matter what SATA slot i put the front eSATA wire into as long as I turn on the hot swap for that port?

Thanks in advance
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  1. Really any answers would help, I know the case question is challenger specific but the others are normal I would think.
  2. Well I guess I will answer myself since most of the install is done for those of you who looked at the questions but maybe were wondering the same thing.

    The light on the challenger is just a hard drive light not a power light so it will only come on as your hard drive is used.

    As for the SATA ports I still have no idea but I used the 6gb ports (1 and 2) for my main HDD and my secondary HDD, CD/DVD in SATA 3, and the front eSata in #4.

    Not sure if it is the correct way but seems to work so far. All I have used is the main HDD and the CD/DVD drive and they were fine so so far so good.

    (haven't plugged in the 2nd HDD yet still setting everything else up and need to research how that is going to work since I apparently can't ask I will just keep searching)

    As for the SSD and setup and swapping the SATA ports I have no idea so good luck.
  3. Let’s answer the SATA questions, on the board that you are using the first 2 ports are SATA III (6Gbit) there is no problem plugging a SATA II drive into those ports and will not cause any problems. It doesn’t matter on add additional drives will as they will be tacked onto the end of the list.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
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