Intel Q8300 Compatibility with Asus motherboard.


I am soon going to buy an Intel® Core™2 Quad Processor Q8300. I searched if it is compatible with my Asus P5KPLE-SE Motheboard. However, i only found the Q200 and Q400 compatible as you can see her:

So does this imply that my motherboard is absolutely not compatible with this CPU?

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  1. That motherboard is a Socket 775 motherboard.
    The cpu (Q8300) is a Socket 775 CPU as well.

    They will be compatible together.

    Is this an upgrade you are doing? You may want to check if other items in your build are compatible as well. If you list them we can help with that as well, if not I hope your upgrade turns out well :)
  2. Yes it is an upgrade. Some of my other items are:

    Nvidia 9500GT 1024MB,

    2GB Corsair Memorry,

    500W EZ-Cool Standard ATX Power Supply,

    500GB Seagate Hardrive,

    Thats' all I can remeber right now cause I'm currently not home.
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