P5E Lifestyle Board SoundMax to P8H67 Board (ASUS)

Bought me recently a new MoBo: P8H67, installed it, killed Realtek onboard, all thus far goes splendid.
Put in SoundMax (from my P5E Lifestyle), hardware checks ok.
Install driver... and here things go awkward: no matter what I try: SoundMax Hi Def is not found/recognized.

Reason for SoundMax: I was slightly baffled by the power behind the tiny card, it was literally mindblowing (over my JBL's).
This power is not found on Realtek hardware, hence.

Prob: I want to keep using the tiny SoundMax, but I desperately need a driver.

Win 7 Ultimate X64 (registered)


Thank you all:
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  1. I went to ASUS site and they have a Vista 32/64 bit version 6.x that you might try:


    Choose Vista 64 in the dropdown box for OS if it doesn't come up by default.
  2. Problem is: the card does not even show up in Devices.
    Which is why the software does not find it.
    So, seems I am going back to my old machine.
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