P8Z68-V LE No POST, mobo 1 long beep 4 short beep. HELP!

Just got all my gear off of Newegg, and have been stuck trying to figure this issue out for hours. The speaker gives me 1 long beep and 4 short beeps, yet I can't find an answer to what that means anywhere on the internet. I've tried taking out and putting back in the RAM, same with the GPU.

My monitor is not receiving any signal, and I've tried both VGA and DVI. I'm getting complete power to everything in the PC. Any ideas? I'm at a loss...
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  1. Everything I've found points to a bad PSU. Double check all your connections coming from the PSU to all your components, if that doesn't do it, RMA the power supply.
  2. I have the same motherboard and initially had the same problem after building my rig.

    I believe the 1 long beep 4 short beeps is CPU fan warning. I installed an aftermarket CPU cooler with low RPM fan and was presented with the beeps, then the system shut down.

    To fix it I plugged in the boxed Intel CPU fan to the motherboard (just placed the fan on the table and plugged in the connector), then went to BIOS (advanced mode) and set the CPU fan speed alarm to "Ignore". Then just reconnected the installed aftermarket back to the motherboard and all was well.
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