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I have 11.1a catalyst drivers (11.1 won't install on my crossfire setup, though it works just fine on my single card setup).

I just added another 5850 to my setup. So I now have 3 5850s on an X58A-UD3R motherboard.

When I go to the crossfire settings in the AMD catalyst software, it gives me the option to use '2 GPUs (6 9)' for crossfire or '3 GPUs (6 9 4)' for crossfire.

What do the numbers (6 9 4) mean? Are they channels of some type? IRQs? DMA channels?

Thanks to anyone providing the answer.
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  1. The other possibility I thought of is they could be PCIe link assignments or designations? Anyone?
  2. I sent an e-mail message to ATI support asking this same question...

    Still waiting for an answer...
  3. Additional info:

    When I switch to 2 GPUs, the numbers in parentheses change to (7 10) and my choice for 3 GPUs changes to '3 GPUs (7 10 4)'.
  4. More info...
    Now I re-enabled the '3 GPUs (7 10 4)' option. Everything works fine, though the numbers in parentheses have changed...

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