Selling my pc

Just wondering what i can get outta my pc 2x sapphire radeon 5850s crossfired on a gigabyte
Antec Case w 3 120mm fans, one large fan at the top, and LED lights, all fans are adjustable by the case

Intel Core i7-860 Lynnfield 2.8GHz 8MB L3 Cache LGA 1156 95W Quad-Core Processor

Blueray player/ cd/dvd burner

cd/dvd burner

2 Hard drives both 1.5 terrabytes, 1 just needs to be reformatted and updated with an operating system

19 inch HD Dell monitor resolution 720x1366

2 vga/dvi adaptors for the pc/graphics cards

Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse

wireless logitec mouse

Microsoft 360 usb controller

Rocketfish Heatsink with 120 mm fan

BFG 1000watt power supply

Ripjaw 2x2 gb of ram = 4 gb total ram

all extra sata chords screws, disk drivers, too many to list
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  1. not to mention i have windows 7, microsoft office 2007, and 15-20 games, including all the crysis', bfbc2, dead space1 and 2, etc
  2. I'm pretty sure you are not to advertise on THGForums, that would be under the sticky "Read before posting"
  3. Im not advertising, im asking advise on what i should price my system at, ive been reading the forums and saw several people asking the same advise
  4. I have it priced at 1500 right now on different sale sights, think that that is right on for price or what?
  5. More like 800-1000, that's giving you a bit of leverage. I'd say 900 is a good price or 950$.

    Prices have dropped dramatically. The reason being that chip once valued @ 280$ can be beat by a 180$ i5 2400. And a 230$ 2500K can kill it in everything especially OC.

    That PSU is not the best, not junk but defiantly lacks the efficiency of an 80+ Brnz/Silver/Gold XFX/Corsair ETC I didn't mention.

    5850 CF are good, but here you will see the scaling is defiantly not as good as the current 68xx/69xx/67xx series cards.
    Just so you know the 6850 is cheaper, more power efficient and OC's very well as well as staying cool. Not to say the 5850 is bad. I have one myself, it's just aged.
  6. Oh I forgot you have a monitor, that's not the greatest anymore though, so I'd say yeah, 1000$ is the most you'll get for that.
  7. ok thanks
  8. If this PC was on sale in the UK you would get about £1000 = $1600
  9. but try to sell it in parts, you will get way more
  10. Thanks once again ohh btw everything is sata. ddr3 mobo ddr5 graphics cards, its a very nice rig, i just have to pay all exspences on a weddings, and need the cash. Any good websites besides craigslist?
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