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I am relatively new to Toms Hardware. My tech level is above average but not expert. I see myself taking an active role in the community. With that said lets get to my question.

When I first bought my computer I didnt know much about building them. I didnt want to take the risk of buying parts and destroying them. I am now confident that I can build my own computer. I have already completely disassembled my computer and replaced the case. I want to upgrade my computer piece by piece until it is a complete custom built. I want your help on deciding what to get first.

I have an HP Pavilion Elite (E9290F)

Complete Specs can be found here:

Things I have changed:

Replaced Factory Case with a Cooler Master HAF 922 Full Tower Case
Purchased second 500GB Hard Drive standard 7200 RPM for backup

Things I would like to change

I would like to get a new motherboard so that I can overclock my intel i7 920 to its true potential
I would like to get a new graphics card
I am looking at possibly getting new RAM but am not sure yet
If I overclock my computer I am going to get a new PSU. I am looking at an 850W

Whats up for discussion?

I would like recommendations on what to buy first and what to buy specifically. I am not going to be able to buy all this at once its going to be an overtime project.

I am looking at getting this motherboard:

I am undecided on a video card but I was hoping I could SLI with my current video card. Can you SLI a GTX 4xx or 5xx with my GTX 260?

My goal in this thread is to have an intelligent discussion on what component I should buy first and what components I should get.

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  1. Hello?
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  3. )=

    Guess Im just going to get the motherboard first...
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