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okay, i got windows xp on one desktop computer, and vista on my laptop...i have enablyed file and print sharing,,,though i could not enable printer sharing on my laptop, no printer installed......

i installed my dell aio 966 printer on the xp rig, and on my laptop, i added the printer on the network....but when i print from my laptop, it pops up a dialog box on my xp couputer, and have to click continue printing to get the document printed

i have tryed to add a vista driver on my laptop, but not listed on the dell list

any solution to this, where i don, t have to go to the xp computer and click continue prtinting when i try to print from the laptop
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    i think this might work... like you know how when you go to network on vista... and then you see you xp pc.... and you double click on it... it asks you for a username and password.... and then you can see what that pc is sharing... try this cause it has happened to me

    browse to what i said above and where you can see what the xp computer is sharing... and then try printing... it kinda just enables access to the other computers shares... and then its works... for some reason it works for me... so giv it a try
  2. thanks.....
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