Is this CPU bad?

Almost a year now, I got this new computer, and a couple months ago I got a 5850 Sapphire Xtreme on sale on newegg. I heard that if you got a bad CPU and a good graphics card, you can get your framerates down. But does this really affect alot? I was thinking to unlock it, but I have a stock cooler, and I dont have any money to buy one.




4GB of RAM

500gb HDD

Stock Cooler

ASUS m4n68t-m v2 motherboard

I know how to unlock, but I just dont have enough money to buy one. My uncle is very strict about computers, and he doesnt let me to buy one for some reason (He says the a dual core CPU is fine, it wont affect your gaming as long as your CPU usage is low.)
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  1. Also, will unlocking it will give the 5850 its full potential?
  2. Alot of games will not use more than 2 cores anyway but some that can will hold back the performance of the 5850 a bit. You could try to unlock and check the temps to see if you need a new cooler.
  3. I tried unlocking before, but its very unstable. The CPU tempature is about 31 Celcius.
  4. I want to run battlefield 3 at good framerates in high settings. Maybe Crysis 2 in very high.
  5. Unlocking to 4 core will make around 12% difference in crysis 2 see

    And even your 2 core Phenom at low resolution will not hold back your GPU at high settings as its a very GPU hungry game. Sorry no idea about battlefield 3.
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    The Phenom II 545 is actually a nice gaming processor. It won't hold back the 5850 by much. A good fast dual core is still good enough for gaming. That is the reason I have not found it requiring enough to upgrade yet from my overclocked E6750. Sure the occasional game can make use of more cores but until it becomes a norm, you'll be fine.
  7. I just hope it can run BF3 smoothly at high settings on 1920x1080...
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