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I was thinking about buying a high street 32" Full HD TV (prob Sharp) to use as a PC monitor and buying a new gfx card with HDCP HDMI socket to connect. Has anyone had experience in doing this, my experience in the past is that it doesn't work so well if you connect via the PC input on the TV, you tend to get a lower res but I want the full HD res which I'm hoping you should be able to get through HDMI. Cheers.
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  1. If the monitor supports 1080p, you can get 1080p output from your pc. Even vga ("pc" connection, 3 rows of staggered cascading pins) can support 1920x1080 res, and HDMI and DVI most definitely can. Note, though, that usually when you connect a pc to a monitor via HDMI, overscanning is automatic and shrinks the size of the desktop on the display, resulting in a blurry image with a 1"ish border around the edges. This is easily fixable via graphics drivers, just google it. You don't want to be one of the countless people that never figure this out and always complain about the 1 inch black border and blurry display for years.
  2. Th problem is TVs don't have near as many pixels as monitors do, and if you sit very close it will look fuzzy, I been there and done that. TVs are made to be viewed at a distance of at least 6 feet, monitors are made to be more like 2 feet. TV pixels are bigger then monitor pixels. I would not recommend photo editing on a TV monitor.
  3. If you already own a card with a dvi or vga output you can just buy a dvi to hdmi adapter for it.
  4. Cheers both, it's gonna be pure gaming really (FPS mostly), I've got a 27" Dell at the moment but think I could just about get away with a 32" on my desk. I think I'll have a look in some shops at few 32's to see what the pixels are gonna be like close up though as that's a good point :sol:
  5. Your gonna go crosseyed sitting that close to a 32".You'd be better off getting 2 more 27"s and running an tri monitor setup.Now thats gaming!
  6. lol I may look into it :D
  7. I would do the try gaming as well. I just ordered a Sandy bridge 2600k, and 6850 with three monitors :) Im done playing on xbox with kids.
  8. tri*
  9. yeah xbox is fun but PC rules
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