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LG1155 Chipsets

I'm not exactly in the loop when it comes to these things, so my question is this:

If I get an Intel Core i5 2500k processor, which uses the LG1155 socket, what MoBo chipsets is it compatible with (I believe there are like 4?) and more importantly, what is the difference between them?

I'm sure that this information is out there but I couldn't find it so thanks in advance!
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  1. the z68 is the newest chipset and most likely to work with ivy bridge; I wouldn't get the 2500k unless you find one for $180 or less. Prices are falling on sandy bridge cpus.
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    With a 2500K you should really only consider the P67 and Z68 because those are the ones you can overclock with. P67 does not have a few key features Z68 has making Z68 the best choice.

    I have a P67 board but I bought it in January 2011 about a week after Sandy Bridge came out and well before Z68 was released.

    This has a great comparison chart.
  3. Thanks for the answers. Maybe I should have checked wikipedia... XD

    Anyway, the news that I hear on Ivy Bridge says it wont bring any huge performance gains and I'm looking to get my computer ASAP so I don't really plan on waiting for IB
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