WMP Streaming issue: computer doesn't show up

I've been trying to stream content to my tv, (Panasonic Viera) but it doesn't show up on the tv as a 'DLNA Server'. However, my family's other computer does show up and can stream content just fine. For my computer- Under Control Panel>Network and Sharing Center>Media streaming options, the "Media programs on this PC" option gave the following:


On my family's other computer it has Windows Media Player as the Device and its info in the same box


The problem started when I couldn't get my computer to show up on the tv and Windows Media Player wasn't enabled under Control Panel> Programs and Features> Turn Windows features on/off. I didn't figure out why WMP was missing untill after I installed/later uninstalled another media player 'xmbc'. Thinking xmbc could take its place, I tried streaming with it but it didn't work. So after getting rid of that, I found out how to enable WMP. Trying to stream again, it still didn't show up on the tv. I noticed in the 'Media Programs on this PC' the information still was for xmbc, which included a 'renderer' by them. I figured this meant xbmc didn't uninstall correctly. So I went into reg-edit under "Local Machines\Software\microsoft\WindowMediaPlayerNSS\3.0" and then into "\Devices" and "\UDNRenderers" and deleted the folders that contained xbmc's stuff. In those same locations, there is still Windows own folders that xbmc took the place of, yet I still have this 'Unknown device' problem.

(Apologies if that was a little wordy, trying to be as descriptive as possible)

I've tried running Microsoft's Fix It for WMP and it didn't resolve the issue. I was thinking it might have something to do with Media Player's renderer.
Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Figured out that the problem had to do with my firewall (ESET). After checking the box for "Allow UPNP for system services in Trusted zone" under Allowed services, everything works fine now.
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