Acceptable Temps for Radeon HD 4350?

I'v got an XFX Radeon HP 4350 1GB PCI-Express. It's really nice and quiet because it's a fanless card. I bought it a few months ago. Now, I meant to run Furmark for 5 minutes and check the temps, and its a 96c. is that ok?
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  1. I wouldn't let it go above 90C, although I doubt it gets above 90C during games.

    I'd recommend you try to improve your case airflow.
  2. what i meant was that while i meant to leave it for 5 minutes, i forgot about it and left it for like 1hr. and no i dont want to mess with my case, it's an hp.
    its an upgraded (Antec PSU + 2nd HDD) Compaq CQ5017C and i dont feel like modding my case.
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    Well if you don't wanna do anything about it then there's nothing more for me to say :)
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  5. ok but will my gfx card die early? or will the cmos battery on the mobo that is 3mm away from the heatsink of the gfx card explode? what can it impact (negatively) in my pc?
  6. 96 C's isn't going to kill it.... Right away :). But it will reduce the life of your card if you don't get that fixed (And when it gets that hot, its performance starts to dive). I would add a few fans in there, if I could. There are a few exhaust PCI cards that seem to do the trick without overheating the wallet :lol: or trying to get fans onto the PSU and case. I would add one of those, and if you have an extra molex connector, get one or two 80mm fans and put them on the grills on the case. Though one or the other should reduce the temperature by quite a bit, both would be the best...

    One thing to keep in mind is that Furmark is the worst case, even if you game for hours i doubt i would get that high. Download hwmonitor and then do your worst (What ever you do that is most GPU tasking), and see what the temps are. If they do rise above 80-90 C's, I would add some fans in...
  7. It won't harm the CMOS battery as long as the heatsink of the card isn't touching it.

    Your case temps will rise and that will have a negative effect on the rest of the components in your case.

    Furmark is the worst case senario, I expect normal gaming won't push the card past 90C, anyway even if the card does get to hot it'll just lower its clocks in an attempt to save itself from dying.

    If you don't want to mod your case or buy a new case then I suggest you keep an eye on the temps.
  8. There are a few parts on the acual card that might decide to explode if it gets that hot for awhile, but it is unlikely. The likely case would be that it overheats for the last time and dies, or starts to overheat the CPU because the heatsink doesn't have any cool air to blow on the it (Its blowing the hot air in the case), ect.
  9. If it makes you feel better, my active cooling XFX 9600GT would go to 103 C's + if left on Furmark for more than 20 min (I tried touching the heatsink when it was this hot, worst mistake i'd made in awhile :lol: ). On gaming it stayed in high 70's, low 80's.
  10. There's a few signs to look out for

    If you see artifacts then its likely that the memory on the card is overheating, The display driver could stop responding, your PC may shut down, or you may get reduced performance due to thermal throttling.
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  12. well, its been running furmark for about 3 hours now, temps are at a stead 94-96 degrees, and no, i am NOT touching that heatsinks AGAIN!!!
    ive decided if it can run furmark all day that i will never worry about it again. but i have registered lifetime warranty, so if it dies in 3 years they will give me a new or better one :)
  13. So you know, Furmark is designed to heat up graphics cards so you can find out the limits of your cooling. It typically only needs to be ran 5 minutes or so to see roughly your max temps. It's a handy check, but running it 3 hours is pretty much overkill that might negatively impact the lifespan of your card.
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