ASRock Slow USB 3.0 Transfer Speeds

My motherboard is a ASRock Fata1lty Pro (Z68).

I have a Corsair M4 SSD and a Corsair Survivor USB 3.0 flash drive. When I transfer large ISO files between the two, it only gets 30-45 Mbps. This seems very slow.

I have the latest drivers installed and all applicable settings enabled in the BIOS. So... what the hell?
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  1. Hi there kairotic,

    What speed did u expected?

    This is normal for USB3 pendrives : ))
  2. Thanks for the replay, nikorr! I should have clarrified that I am using a Corsair Survivor which has the following specs:

    80 MB/s sequential read — 40 MB/s sequential write

    When writing to my Corsair M4, which has write speeds of well over 200 mbps, I am only getting ~30 mbps. This speed is achieved using 1 large ISO file. On top of that, ASRock has USB 3.0 "turbo boost", which is supposed to increase speeds. I have tried with this program running and turned off. Both yeild the same speeds.

    I have also updated to BIOS 1.36A, which is the lastest ASRock BIOS.
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