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Well I decided to bring this to the forums. I want to make sure I'm doing what I can as far as cooling this other pc I have setup to do Old school gaming (NES, SNES, etc etc) and I'm noticing this processor runs even a little hotter in this case. I'm well aware shrinking the case tends to shrink the fans, so I'm trying to add extra fans.

Current specs:

Case: Pixxo (CI-8102), Slim Micro ATX / Mini ITX Desktop Computer Case/Chassis

Motherboard: MSI-K9A2VM (MS-7501)

Processor: AMD Phenom X4 9750 @2400mhz (Stock cooler but I ordered aftermarket and it should be arriving today)

Ram: 2.5GB DDR2 800

Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce GT 520 (for the HDMI)

So yea, idle seems to be 42C and so far Core temp reported highest at 60C and that was extracting large Zip files. The fan that it came with was a POS and didn't pump enough of the air out. I wanted the slim factor since this is an emulation machine; however, I'm realizing this processor is just a hot mess (literally.) I'm not doing Dolphin so I'm not worried about going intel since I use intel for my music writing machine.

Instead of having that dinky 60MM fan on the top to vent out heat, I attached a spare pci slot cooler to the top and sealed it off to act as a "blower" to help exhaust heat, so far it works. On the side of the case it has a good amount of dotted space in the metal to attach 2 pretty small 30MM I'm guessing, fans to push in heat; although they really can't do much. I'm just trying to figure out what else I could do for cooling, the pci lots are low profile so that isn't an option unless they make low profile slot coolers, but wouldn't they be worthless with that amount of shrinking? Any thoughts are welcomed.
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    60c under load for a quad isn't that bad. I would leave it alone for now. For what you'd spend on a low profile copper heatsink, you could almost get a new cpu, and you might knock off only 5c.
  2. for those small 30mm intake fans yuo might want to look into server (blade type) fans though when they kick into high speed they are quite noisey.
  3. Well the ambient temp is fine it's just the processor temp that concerns me. The cooler I bought actually I think is meant for a server so that means it should do the extra cooling I need while sacrificing some quiet. I guess I'm doing all I can for now.
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