Gtx 560ti or hd radeon 6950 2gb

I am currently working on building a new gaming rig primarily for world of warcraft. I've got a biostar t5 mobo, i7 860, 4x2gb 1600 ram, 1tb hdd, 32gb ssd, 750w psu, and most importantly for this question an asus 24in 1920x1080 monitor....anyways I am not sure which to buy I'm caught between a new gtx 560 or an hd radeon 6950 2gb. What do you guys think I should buy?..$250-$300 budget so I've narrowed it down to those 2 cards.
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  1. Single GPU video cards with 2GB of VRAM are not recommended.

    Check out the review of the GTX 560 Ti (link on main page). It's a truly awesome card. Power, noise issues are sorted out now, PhysX, CUDA, driver support etc.

    IMO the GTX 560 Ti is the best card in its class and the best value over all. I own an HD5870 1GB but if I was buying now I'd get the 560 Ti.
  2. Thanks man I was leaning toward the 560 but then when amd dropped the price on the 2gb 6950 I just wasn't sure which was the better buy
  3. depends on what you plan on playing. generally 6950 is the faster card.

    I need CUDA for 3d rendering, so its gtx 560 for me. Do you need CUDA?
  4. No ill be primarily playing WoW, I just want the card that will provide with the better grapics and speed
  5. apparently, wow is one of the few games 560 tops 6950, so i guess 560 for you too :)
  6. Yeah I've I've read that nvidia used to be the top choice of wow gamers but ati has been making some sick cards too haha..yeah I think I'm pretty much def going with the 560! What brand would y'all prefer, my eyes are on the msi or asus cards
  7. as far as i can tell price/warranty is the only thing to keep ur eye on. personally, i dont have any brand loyalty.
  8. Either one will play WoW very well, look for a good named card with the best deal and cooling solution.
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