Strange problem

Hey all hope u are fine :)
Well i installed W7 RC1 64bit and i wanted to test some games, so i installed Crysis,Crysis warhead and Stalker CS.

Crysis warhead and Stalker CS work flawless for me and i got FPS boost too :D
But i cant run Crysis,whenever i click on its shortcut,it loads up a blank windows (and when i am expecting to see the game) it crashes to windows,i tried reinstalling it/deleting the whole folder.... i am using patch 1.2 too.
I didnt have this problem with VISTA 64,does anyone know any fix for it ?
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  1. Latest W7 video driver? Check ATI's website. Driver issues in the recent past with 4870X2. Not suprised if ATI's W7 4870X2 current has 'bugs'.
  2. Yes i have the latests WHQL drivers (8.6.12)
  3. Was doing a google search and found the solution:

    I ran it with VISTA SP2 Compatibility and it worked :)
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