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hi, my LAN icons have that yellow sign with an exclamation point saying "limited or no connectivity" -- (I run winxp)it further explains that this is because "the network did not assign a network address to the computer."

I had ICS set up yesterday using a hub and it was working fine but this morning I encounter this problem.

How do I manually assign an IP addres?
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  1. Right click on my network places and go to propterties.
    Right click on your lan connection and go to propterites.
    Find "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" in the list, select it, and hit properties.
    Then you can move the selection to "use the following IP address" and enter an IP.
    IP: anything
    Subnet: if your IPs are 192.168.x.x use
    Gateway: the IP of your ICS machine
    DNS1: usually one of your ISPs DNS servers
    DNS2: usually one of your ISPs DNS servers

    You can find that info by going to a command prompt on the ICS machine while it is connected to the internet and typing in ipconfig /all. It will list the DNS servers for your internet connection.

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