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Trouble with X58 motherboards with 1600 DDR3 Memory

I am having a lot of trouble with this type of memory. I can only get 8GB of memory read on 2 channels and I want triple channel to work. When I put in the third DDR3 1600 Ram sticks, it won't boot the 3rd stick and instead disables it while the first 2 sticks work.

I need to know what I am doing wrong. I use the sabertooth x58 motherboard on a Intel 980 6 Core Processor Socket 1366.

I am waiting on my DDR3 1333 coming in the mail to make sure that they are not bad sticks I have. I RMA'ed 2 sets already and I feel the sticks are not the culprit. I used the mem ok on the board and it seems it got the 2 sticks to work but not the 3rd DDR3 1600 memory stick.

What is the memory settings of the board that I need to use? Or is this board too picky for the DDR3 1600 Ram sticks?

If the DDR3 1333 works then I will just use these sticks for now and put the 1600 on my AMD 8 core system...
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    It could be that you have 1.6 or 1.65 volt memory while the system requires 1.5 volt memory, you don't provide enough information to know.
  2. It was the voltages on the bios. Needed to change it to higher voltage to get it to work. It's good niw
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