Intel core i7 2600k HOT 87c in bios

Today i finished my first build and was all excited to turn my newly built rig on.
To begin with the intel fan wires got caught in the heat sink the next time i powered on my intel heatsink made a weird buzzing noise so naturally i went into the bios to check the temps and the bios read the cpu at 87 degrees c. I did no overclocking what-so-ever. Any suggestions? Do you think the warranty will still stand?
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  1. Check to make sure the heat sink is well-seated. High temps usually mean poor contact or poor-grade or insufficient thermal grease. Try reseating the heat sink. This is usually the culprit in my experiences. Monitoring the temp is quite demanding on the CPU so it raises the temp quite a bit (from my experiences anyway). 87C is very high (much above about 60C is likely troublesome). I don't know about the warranty part though.
  2. Yep, the heat sink isn't correctly seated. Most likely the push pins aren't going all the way through to the back of the board.
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