Wait for LGA2011 or buy i5 2500k now

I'm ready to buy an i5 2500k build right now but a really good friend of mine continually tells me to wait for LGA2011 chipset. Is it worth the wait for someone that pretty much only games/streams?. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    The LGA 2011 is going to be the replacement for the Intel's high performance CPUs, the i7-900s (think 6-core CPUs etc.). It's going to be for those who need the extra power to do hardcore 3D rendering, photo/video editing, and computational math, not for gaming.

    Right now the i5-2500K is the best gaming chip on the market, and there's not much else that gamers will benefit from with the 2011 socket. I'd say go for the i5-2500K and throw in a good 3rd Gen SSD like the OCZ Vertex 3 or Intel 510. You'd see a much better experience with that than with the 2011 chipset.
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