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Intel Core i5 2400 running extremely hot, brand new

Hi everyone,

I just put together my new PC and my CPU is running at 60-80C on startup. I tried wiping off the standard thermal compound and putting on some new stuff I bought but it's still happening. I'm sure that all the push pins are pushed in properly and locked. Ever hear of anything like this?
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  1. Whats your voltage at once you get into windows, and what is your temp at during idle & prime95 stress? I assume you are using the stock cooler? Any airflow in the case? If you're looking at the temps in the BIOS, that's not what you'll be at idling in windows. Also what is you ambient room temperature?
  2. I haven't even installed windows yet I'm kind of afraid to let it keep running. The temperature in my room is quite cool, if anything it helps. Yes, I'm using the stock cooler.

    Edit: Also yes there is airflow in the case, one fan out the back, but I have it on its side right now with the side off.

    Edit2: The voltage going in to it is 1.20 and it instantly goes up to 80 degrees C
  3. Either you don't have the heat sync seated properly, or you are getting an incorrect temperature reading most likely. You can most likely run at lower than 1.2v, but 1.2v certainly isn't too high.

    If you are certain you heat sync is on correctly I'd install windows and see what temps you are getting @ idle. You (obviously) haven't overclocked the chip, so RMA is an easy option if there really is a problem.

    BIOS reported temps are usually unreliably high compared to temps you get in windows. (though 80c does seem a bit more different than normal) There's just no real effective way to check it without an OS installed.
  4. I have windows installed and I also installed speedfan, its sitting at 85-90 degrees C.

  5. Heres my temperatures
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    I re-uploaded your image since your direct link wasn't working, and this was the only way to fix it from my phone:

    It looks to me like your CPU sensor is seriously off. If you note your individual core temps (core0, core1, etc) they look fine for a stock cooler, it's just your overall CPU temperature that's crazy.

    I don't know of a way to fix the sensor though, so unless someone else here can provide a bit of brilliance you're going to be left with a choice. RMA the CPU for a new one, or live with a faulty thermal sensor. (you still have working ones on each core remember) And that's something only you can decide if it's bothering you enough to fix or not.

    Personally, if you can live without it for a week or so for an RMA, I'd have it replaced, not so much because of the sensor specifically, but because it makes me wonder if you have a borderline bad CPU that might have other problems later. (after you can no longer RMA it) :/
  7. Thanks for all your help man, I've decided to ignore speedfan I think its probably just a faulty reading or program.. I installed a massive cnps10x performa heatsink and it had literally no effect on the CPU temp but it cooled down the core temps significantly.
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