Thus, changing my processor increase my fps in games?

If I change my processor from amd athlon II x2 245 to amd phenom II x4 840 increase my fps in games?
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  1. depends on the game. Some games benefit from more than 2 cores, some do not. Instead of the phenom 840, get the 955. Its a few dollars more but has more cache, giving it more performance per core and per clock. Please list the rest of your PC specs. It may be wiser to upgrade the GPU if it is slow.
  2. Yes, updating the CPU can result in increase FPS, but only so much. Meaning not by much.

    Most games benefit from a faster video card unless the CPU is slow and bottlenecks the video card.
  3. motherboard: M2N68-AM SE2, GPU: Palit GTX 560 Ti Stock, 3gb ddr2

    I'm playing new games w/ directX 11
  4. I would say you should get better performance especially with games that use more than CPU 2 cores.
  5. +1 to all the above comments and especially getting the 955BE as this will improve performance even on games that only use 2 cores. I also checked your board does support it.
  6. +more,
    955BE is the only Amd quad to buy until anything Dozerlike shows its face imno
  7. amd phenom ii x4 955 is HDX955WFK4DGM and amd phenom ii x4 955BE is HDZ955FBGMBOX.. my mother board only support HDX955WFK4DGM.. so its not the BE...T_T
  8. I don't think non BE ones where ever sold and if you check the Asus site there a 2 compatible ones both the C2 & C3
  9. nono.., thats m2n68-am... mine is m2n68-am se2... here are the list of supported cpe's from asus.. SE2&p=1&s=24
  10. Sorry, it looks like you can only use up to 95W CPUs then and I don't think the 95W 955 ever went on sale. So the best CPU you can get is the 945
  11. Best answer < yes, the 945 or even 925 are faster than the 840 due to the extra cache in most gaming suituations.
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  13. i think ill get the 945.. or amd phenom ii x6 1055t..hehe
  14. Waste getting the 1055 right now just for gaming,
    games dont make the most of four cores atm, get the 945 and save the money for the next build :)
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