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I'm Clueless on motherboards, I hope there's help for me

I've built a number of computers before, but I've never been an expert and the new motherboards have move totally confused.

I don't want to box myself into a mobo that's already incompatible with new tech, but I need it to be around $100-$150 or less.

I've got everything except for a processor and motherboard so I can go either AMD or Intel. The last mob I looked at is:

GIGABYTE GA-970A-D3 AM3+ AMD 970 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX AMD Motherboard

I don't plan on overclocking, but I have before and might if I get a bottleneck at the processor.

I know what northbridge and southbridge used to do, I think, but not the different standards or levels and whether I should even care about them.

I'd like HDMI output I suppose, if I can just hook it straight to my TV and roll, otherwise I can come out of my Video card and hook to speakers I already have.

4x slots for memory seem common and the 6x don't seem worth the price to me at this time. I want the 3.0 SATA and USB, but I feel like I'm wading through dozens of boards that range from $89-$400 and have no clue.

Any help would be great.
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  1. whats your budget for motherboard and processor? 150 is a good budget for a quality mobo but how much can you spend total? what are you going to use the computer for?
  2. Get the Asus p8z68 series
    I have it...SSSOOOO good!!
  3. My total budget for Mobo and CPU is around $300.

    I appreciate the help you all gave me, but it was just 6 more motherboards to pile on top of the 20 or so I bookmarked.

    I want SATA 6.0 and USB 3.0, but I don't see why these boards are better than the $90 boards that have both.
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    what are you going to be using the pc for? you should decide what processor fits your needs within your budget and go from there.

    if you wont be gaming and are going to be doing basic office stuff heres a good option:

    another option with a significantly faster cpu and slightly weaker graphics: i5 2400 and z68 mobo

    if you really plan on not buying a graphics card and gaming then go with the amd build in my opinion. if you think you might possibly buy a graphics card and game or you do any cpu intensive tasks go for the i5 2400 option. it is much much faster
  5. What are the 20 boards you shortlisted?
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