*UPDATE* Which power supply for EVGA nVidia GeForce 9800GT 1gb?

After researching my graphics card EVGA nVidia GeForce 9800GT 1gb I was looking for a good power supply for it and my system (HP Pavilion P6130f) and I have found two that looked really good for my price range. the CORSAIR Builder Series CX430 V2 430W , and the XIGMATEK NRP-PC Series ACXTNRP-PC402 400W. This card claims to need at least 450w, but I have been told that this nice 400w psu is good enough or the 430w. other have said its not enough and I should get another. I want to make 100% certain.
Thanks in advance :)
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  1. The Xigmatek is the better PSU. No little red voltage select switch, and has 32A between its 12V rails. I'm not sure how much I like that PSU, but given those choices its the one I would pick.
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  3. Between those two I'm not sure which is "better". The Xigmatek has more usable power. 34A vs 28. But at least I know who made the Corsair. Either of those will power your 9800GT. A typical system with the 9800GT needs 22A.
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    johncatman said:
    After researching my graphics card EVGA nVidia GeForce 9800GT 1gb This card claims to need at least 450w

    No it doesn't

    " Requirements
    Minimum of a 400 Watt power supply.
    (Minimum recommended power supply with +12 Volt current rating of 26 Amps.) "

    Overclocked EVGA, same power reccomendation

    The Xig is under the $40 budget you mentioned in your first post, the Corsair isn't a bad deal if you don't mind waiting for the rebate.
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  6. Quote:
    just as a question are you going to buy this graphics card (wouldn't reccommend it) or do you already have it?

    I was going to get it, Is there a better one available? Because I need a graphics card that:
    Is Nvida (My Chip Set Is Nvida)
    Can be used with a power supply that cost about 30-50$
    Is compatable with pci express x16 1.0
    Any Ideas?
  7. Quote:
    whats your mobo?

    Pegatron corporation Violet 3.02
    NVIDA nForse 720a
    American Megatrends Inc.
  8. It doesn't matter what chipset it is, any GPU can be used with it.
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