CPU runs hot after sleep!


When my system comes back from sleep, it runs too hot. This can be fixed by a simple reboot. Before sleep the CPU runs ~38C at idle and never above 55C at 100%. After waking from sleep, it idles ~52C and gets above 65C at 100%.

The fan speeds are consistent before and after idle. The ambient temp is ~25C. If I have understood, the max spec for my CPU is 61C.

I am running Windows 7 64, an Asus P5B Deluxe/WiFi-AP MB, and q6600 CPU. The heatsink is stock, but using mx-4 thermal paste. This system is not being overclocked.
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  1. I have hybrid sleep enabled. I found that if I killed power while asleep, then restart CPU temp goes back into range without restarting the OS. Clearly Windows 7 or the HW is not coming back the same as it when went to sleep.

    It's like when it comes back, it simply burns enough power to add another 15C to the CPU temp.
  2. Try disabling Hybrid Sleep and see if it makes a difference (with both sleep and hibernate).
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