ATI Radeon HD 4650 1gb

I recently bought two gateway computers and they both have been having the same problem.
GPU reads over 100c before it shutsdown on both computers. They both are the same and have the same components.

I recently brought one into the store and told them it keeps shutting down and gpu is over heating(my problems), they replaced the psu with a DYNEX 400w and gave me back my old psu(300w). The computer still shuts down. I have to run table fans just to beable to play games and run 3d apps. I was thinking it was the video card but everyone seems to have working computers and cards. The GPU load is 50%+ and causes the GPU temps 1 and 2 to rise. For most games it starts from 54c working it's way up to 110c. :(

My question is simple, What do I need? New video cards or new psu? The system specs are below. Any help would be greatful thanks :)

Computer company: Gateway
Processor: Intel core 2 Quad CPU 2.34ghz
RAM: 8.00 GB
System type: 64-bit Vista Home Premium
Videocard: ATI Radeon HD 4650 1GB
PSU: FSP output 300W Input 220v
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    Well, you might want a PSU and GPU upgrade anyway. I would start out with a PSU upgrade and then if that doesn't work, I would get a new GPU.
  2. okay cool :) is there anything that may solve this problem? Anything eles that could be causeing gpu overloading and then overheating? I was kinda hopeing it wasnt the vids because they are nice, not as nice as my gtx bfg geforce agp and thats my old agp haha with 500w but that vid only requires 350w and my ati hd cards require 450w+ I kno its not drivers or directx and I also kno vids shouldnt heat up to 100c even without a FAN without a reason. i just don't know for sure what the probem is and I don't wanna go wasteing more money. :(
  3. Well, your fan might not even be running. I would look at your fan and monitor temps, if the temps rise and the fan doesn't you have a issue. Maybe try rolling back to a older driver.
  4. All fans are running and I also can control them. The ati fan is running normal and runs 30% 53c idle or webpage and runs 80% when GPU temps reach 100c. They are new computers, both computers have same problem & this is why I find it very odd since I owned alot of computers and this is my first time dealing with GPU. The store replaced the power supply in 1 system so I've been suspecting I need a better psu for HD and other hardware. I just hope I get it fixed and a solution.
    Is it my vid thats bad or is it under stress because its not reciveing enough power?
  5. Did the system with the new PSU work fine now? If not, I would buy something low powered if you do not game, like a hd5670. If you do game, a new PSU like a 500w and a better GPU.
  6. Not a new PSU. It is the cards or the airflow. However, I'm amazed that Gateway could design a computer that badly (a 4650 is a very low power chip and will get by with minimum cooling). Could you take a picture of your PC with the side off (so we can see the cards)?
  7. Oh, and are the computers still under warranty?
  8. Only 1 is under warranty sadly. Both bought at the same time and yes It was for gaming and storage. It's resolution was nice and I've tried lower visual's on vista.(color,res,etc)
    I will try to get a picture if I can find my cam but I don't see how it will help. :( The computers are real fast and games look fantastic with no lag but can't play for hafe hour and yes both computers still have same problems even with the new 400w psu. Both GPU readers in the log log the same things for the same games and apps. I would hate to buy a new videocard and it doesnt solve the problem, they do cost more. I have checked into the 4650 HD ati radeon, there has been no problems with it reported that I could find but I have found many bad results of gateway. :(

    I was told that psu may not be giving out enough power to vid because it's sharing power with other hardware. could it be true that my hd videocards can overheat because of lack of power? :( It does play heavy games such as GTA4. I've never seen GPU burn up so fast. :( Maybe a real bad question but I am starting to get real confuesed... What is GPU?! lol is it video or psu? sorry for long reply, I just want to be sure before I buy something.

    GPU CoreClock, GPU MemoryClock, GPUTemp [°C], GPULoad [%]

    600.0 , 499.5 , 86.0 , 54 ,

    fan speed, 87.0
  9. GPU = Graphics Processing Unit. I would try getting a new GPU, maybe something cheap like a hd5770 for your computers if you want to game at lower resolutions.
  10. out of all the research I've done I have figiured my best awnser until someone knows for sure and straight up tells me what the problem is.
    thank you all for you're help and quick replys :) I will be checking up and posting
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  12. No problem.
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