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how do I get the DNS address for my router WR850G, I am trying to rehookup my bluray device for Netflix, it has been hooked up for several months and then all of a sudden it couldn't connect. I got my IP, mask,gateway and DNS for m,y computer, now it will establish connection but it interferes with my computer conne4ction and it won't establish the DNS connection.
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  1. I believe the DNS address is supplied by your internet provider. It should show on your routers status page if you log onto the router with a web browser.
  2. Go to start and then to "run" and type CMD. On the screen that will pop up type "ipconfig /all" and look under either Ethernet adpater local area or Wireless adapter for the DNS server. Usually there should be two DNS servers adresses if you don't see them contact your ISP.
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