Need some advice on a new monitor for use with tuner

I am trying to decide which of these two monitors I should get


The second monitor is a 23 inch while the first is a 22. However, the first is a lot cheaper and is a led. I am having trouble deciding which of these monitors I should get, especially since i am having my computer double as a tv using a tuner in a small room and I am not sure if a 22 inch monitor is big enough. Im not even sure if a 1 inch difference makes that big of a deal. I would appreciate any opinions on this, or any other good deals you may have found on monitors :na: . Thanks!
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  1. the link for the second monitor got screwed up, here it is
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    I'd spend $20 more and get the new LED backlit model.
  3. thanks i found a good deal on that monitor for abt $180 at mwave. good price & good size makes me =]
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