Odd question about the pci-e lanes and add on cards

hi i have a EX58-ds4 motherboard from gigabyte wich is one of the first x58boards years back. now my question is it appears using this info program like pc wizard that the x1 pci-e slot and i believe the x4 pci slot as well are both only pci-e version 1.0

however i have x2 x16lanes pcie and a x8 pcie slot on my board and they are version 2.0

now im gonna be hooking up an intel 520 series ssd and i have a sybra sata3 controller card for pcie x1 was wondering since my pcie slot will greatly limit performance if i can just plug this card into either one of the x16 slots or x8 slot that uses version 2.0

would this cause a problem or a major catastrophy?
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