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PhysX question with an ATI 5770

Am I able to run the PhysX engine on an ATI card? I've read a couple threads that say I can download it, but either I'm blind or I can't find the download for PhysX without a set of drivers, and I wasn't sure if those would mess with my ATI drivers. If so, can you please give me a link? Thank you for your time....
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  1. Forgot to state my video card just in case thats important. I have an HIS Ice Q 5770 Turbo
  2. No you cannot. What you can do is have a low-end Nvidia card in your computer as WELL as your dedicated discrete ATI card and then use hacked driver to enable Phsyx to work with a ATI card as your main GPU.
  3. You can run PhysX if you have an ATI GPU, however it will run on the CPU. For low to moderate levels, this is generally fine. To really crank up PhysX (on the select few games that support it) you need either a mid/low NVidia to be a dedicated PhysX card or a high end NVidia to do video and PhysX.
  4. I just assumed he was talking about gaming with Phsyx. But yes, EXT is correct.
  5. Ok, I'm pretty sure I get what you are saying. I'm really only concerned about gaming. Is there a different download for it so I can run it using my cpu? Or is it just the PhysX download from the nvidia site?
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    Just the standard PhysX I believe. I think most games that need it may install PhysX on their own, but no harm in getting the newest from NVidia.

    Should be this one:
  7. It works! Ur my hero! lol. Tyvm for your time
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