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Ram running at 1333, Vengeance CORSAIR

Motherboard: SABERTOOTH 990FX
CPU: AMD Phantom II X6
Memory: 16g Vengeance CORSAIR
Graphics: GeForce GTX 460
Power: CoolerMaster 700W

These are my major components, my memory is running at 1333 but is suppose to be 1600. Can anyone help me? Please me very detailed on how to fix the problem.
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    The reason it is doing that is because the default for the PhenomII is 1333MHz, you will have to overclock the memory to get it to 1600MHz.

    The first step will be to go into the BIOS (Delete key immediately after powerup)

    Go to "Advanced Mode" in the top right corner.

    Go the the "AI Tweaker" tab

    The 7th box down will be "Memory Frequency"

    Change that from "Auto" to "1600"

    F10 to save, and restart
  2. That will do it ^^^.
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