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Howdi i was hoping some one can build me a decent but affordable Gaming P.C.

I have roughly 800-900 euros to spend. Unfortuantely for me i live in ireland so i have to shop from WWW.KOMPLETT.IE and WWW.DAB.IE which are the cheapest retailers but no-where near as cheap as the us and if i ordered from the us i would sitll have to pay p&p and tax so it wont be any cheaper.

Anyway i am hoping to build an Intel Based Gaming rig using the i5 Sandybridge 2500k

I have a dual LED t.v and moniter and i have my case which is a mid sized Cooler Master.

I dont need a sound card and i could do with out ssd as it a luxury i cant afford.

I also have a keyboard and mouse.

Im not to sure which OS i should go with Xp or Windows 7 64bit (defo not Vista) as two of the main games i wan to play is arma 2 and FSX which use xp, but windows 7 is the future. so any help there would be great.

Thank you in advance to anyone who takes on this challenge.
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    not sure how euros translates into USD but worth a look.
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