Qualcomm 2.5Ghz quad-core mobile CPU due in 2012

A leaked Qualcomm roadmap picked up by Mobiletechworld (before being forced to pull it from the site by the company’s lawyers) has shown that the American chip maker is planning to unveil a 2-2.5Ghz quad-core mobile processor in 2012.

The new chip is the final step on the roadmap, uses the Krait 28nm SoC, and comes equipped with Qualcomm’s own Adreno 320 GPU to push polygons.

The processor is effectively more powerful than my last PC, although it’s worth remembering that CPU power is more than just clock speeds and that mobile processors have to compromise elsewhere to keep heat and power usage down.
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  1. Honestly I wouldn't worry about anything that far down the line. Long term road maps don't always work out that well in computing ^_^
  2. ^ Actually you probably won't see parts till the second half of 2012, so that's a year not a few months. Also considering how often road maps get derailed , modified, or delayed (like what happened when TSMC canceled nodes, Intel's recent decision to delay Ivy Bridge, and AMDs recent delay of Bulldozer) that's a long time for things to change ^_^

    So yeah, like I said, I wouldn't worry about it yet.

    *edit yeah got the year wrong. Oh STFU
  3. Better start saving up for last year.
  4. Quote:
    thats true, looking foward to mid-2010!

    lol no kidding. With that kind of trend we might see what's on the 2012 roadmaps in 2013 if we're lucky :p
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