Asus M4A785TD-V won't boot if ram slots 3 and/or 4 are occupied


Recently I bought 2 dimms of 2GB each to add to the 2x2GB I already had, making a total of 8GB. All of them are KVR1333D3S8N9/2G.

The problem:
When I insert the new ram sticks in slots 3 and 4, the computer will turn on but won't boot up ( however fans, hd's, etc start working) and no beeps are made.

I've upgraded the BIOS to the latest version but no effect.
Also the new memory sticks are working fine as long as they are placed in the first two slots (either both the new or mixed - one old + one new) leaving the last slots (3 and 4) empty.
Just to be sure I tried all combinations ram-slots, but no luck either.

The BIOS doesn't seem to have any option related to this...

I've been searching everywhere but so far I have yet to find a solution to this problem, does anyone have any idea what it might be?

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  1. I've also cleared the CMOS (weird, couldn't edit my post...)
  2. No one? :(
  3. SamBlack said:
    No one? :(

    I am facing same problem with this mobo
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