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I was looking at cyberpower PC's and I was going to get a laptop. But seeing how I could get a desktop with a video card that is almost 2x's better than a laptop card for the same price i might as well go with a desktop. I dont know how to build a computer and I want the best deal for a good pre-built computer. My price Range is $1000-$1200. I dont know if has the best deals for desktops but I would like to play my games on ultra settings with no lag. I will mostly be playing RIFT, COD, Crysis 2 games like that. I dont even know where to begin with a desktop! I have been looking for laptops the past few weeks and just recently found out that a $1200 laptop wouldnt play rift on ultra settings but a $900 desktop would! I need help getting a good pc please. I have been looking at the Gamer Infinity 8800 Pro from cyberpc . I like that it has a 2nd gen i7 and 8GB of ram and a good graphics card, but is there a better deal for a computer that will play my games on ultra?? Also if you know can I play on my 26" lcd tv instead of buying a new monitor without having the res on the screen messed up (too big, too small)?
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    For a pure gaming rig aim for the following.

    i5 2500K - The i7 2600k is wasted money on a pure gaming rig. You wont notice any difference in frame rates between the two

    A p67 Series Mother Board - This allows for over clocking. Even if you dont know how to over clock boards like the ASUS P8P67 can do it for you (don't go much higher than 4GHz as a prebuilt machine will only include a stock CPU cooler)

    GPU - For a serious gaming rig this is where you will spend most of your money. The PC you linked only has a GTX 560 Ti which is at the low end of the graphics card market. Aim for a GTX 570 or GTX 580 or an AMD 6970. 2 x GTX 560 Ti in SLI is also an option.

    RAM - Only really need for 4GB on a pure gaming build. If you do stuff like photoshop / movie editing 8GB will help, but for pure gaming stick to 4GB and it will save you some money. Aim for 1600MHz.

    Power Supply - For one GPU aim for a Good (Corsair / Seasonic / XFX) 500 - 650w and for two GPU's a good 750 - 850w.

    Hard Drives - Aim for 2 7200rpm HDD's and run them in a RAID 0 config. This will boost performance

    You will be able to find / ask for these things in a prebuilt (customizable) rig.

    I haven't got to much time atm otherwise i'd look around for such a prebuilt machine. Hope this information helps.

    EDIT - If your TV has a Blue VGA port or a White DVI port then yes you can use it. However if you are spending $1000 on a PC i really wouldnt reccomend using a VGA port.
  2. Thanks dsm22. I have posted another computer under "prebuilt" in the forums. It has better hdd, gpu and an i5 2500. Please let me know if this rig will run on ultra settings and if it is the best pc for the best price. Or if anyone else knows please let me know, thanks :)
  3. A GTX560Ti is a nice card; "low end" would be something like a GTX550Ti or HD5770. In fact, if you're willing to lower settings a little, a GTX460 is probably also pretty good. Don't be cajoled into busting your budget.
  4. here is a link to my other post on "prebuilt" forums. Please comment and let me know if this a good rig for the price
  5. please see private message
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