GTX 460 problem or PCI-E problem?

Hey guys,

I've been struggling to understand what's going on with my graphics card for the past day and I'm still not sure. I've had my system for a few months and this problem has just started developing in the past week or two.

Here's the problem: whenever I do something that requires hardware acceleration or 3D from my GTX 460, my system stutters, DPC latency shoots up (for about 1 second), and the sound gets crackly/stuttery as well. I've noticed that this also happens in youtube videos when I go to switch to fullscreen mode -- but if I disable hardware acceleration in flash this stutter problem disappears in youtube. In some cases, I'll get a longer freeze after which the system usually recovers, but a pop-up tells me that Nvidia Kernel Mode Driver stopped responding and has recovered. And in some cases, the entire system will shut off without further notice and reboot.

I suspected this was related to drivers, so I've pretty much tried updating or going back to every other driver I could find for my card. Nothing like that has helped at all. I updated my BIOS and that hasn't helped either.

I'm running this card on an ASUS p7p55D-E Pro. In an attempt to figure out whether something was faulty with the graphics card itself, I moved it from its PCI-E 2.0 x16 (x16 link) to my other PCI-E 2.0 x16 (x8 link). Amazingly enough, all the problems disappeared. No more trouble with 3D, no more DPC spikes, no more stuttering when switching to full screen in youtube.

I really don't know what to think. I tried taking the whole motherboard out to see if there was some kind of short in the first PCI-E slot, but as far as I could see it looked alright. Any ideas? Any way to test the PCI-E? Any ideas would be really appreciated.



Windows 7 64-bit
Asus p7p55d-e pro
EVGA Nvidia GTX 460
650W XFX Power supply
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  1. Have you updated the chipset drivers?
  2. No I haven't done that yet -- I'll give it a shot tonight. Thanks for your reply!

  3. So I tried updating the chipset and still have the same problem. Also, the problem persists even with a resolution of 800x600. Any other suggestions guys?

    Thanks a bunch,

  4. I would uninstall the video drivers again and run driver sweeper to remove any left over nvidia files and reinstall the drivers. Make sure to restart when prompted if that dont work then I suspect that it is the the slot and not the card.
  5. 1. faulty card.
    2. faulty mini hmdi cable (if you're using one)
    3. this happened just recently right? back to #1.
  6. Hey guys,

    So I did yet another clean uninstall of all my GTX 460 drivers (using driver sweeper and safe mode) and I'm still getting the same problems.

    wh3resmycar, I used to think the same thing but I doubt it's the card. I've been using the same card in my second pci-e slot and the computer has been running flawlessly. The problem only crops up when the card is in the x16 link pci-e slot. I really don't know what to make of this as I've never had a problem like this.

    Any other suggestions? Should I RMA the motherboard? I don't see how I could RMA the card ... it seems to work fine when in the other pci-e slot. I suppose I'll try to find another graphics card to try to use in the original pci-e slot and see if that gives me the same problems. Any other thoughts?

    Thanks a bunch everyone,

  7. I would RMA the board, if it is working in the 8x slot and not the 16x slot then it is more than likely the board. If you are unsure if it is the card try it in another computer to see if it gives you the same trouble.
  8. An RMA probably won't fix it. Its the Nvidia 460 that is the problem. Take a look through this thread as an example. There is even a club for 460 owners with these problems.

    Unless you really need it in the other slot, the "fix" is indeed not to use the 16 x16 slot.
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