USB transfer speeds fast then slow to a halt

hey there guys

I have recently replaced my motherbaord with a new asus sabertooth 990fx its and awsome board i wont lie but im having this anoying issue when i copy stuff from my pc to a usb device such as a flash drive or portable hard drive its copys really fast like 80-100 mbs then it will get stuck with a full loadning bar for about 3-5 min not moving i can see that the device im copying to is still copying its not freezing it more like the time and speed indicated by windows is incorect because it takes time to finish but it does copy over its rather anoying btw im running windows 7 ultimate 64 and this doesnt happen with my internal drives only from my internal HDDs to any usb device and im not even using my usb3 ports its my standard usb 2.0 ports iv updated the drivers and this is a fresh install of windows also, im really stumped here is it my motherbaord that is giving issues or i this some sort of windows glich
any feed back would be apriciated thanks :)
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  1. That's an impressive run-on sentence you've got there.
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