Need Advice on AMD 6750

Hello my name is Flavio Lopes, long time reader , first time talker. I'm sorry if this is a double post or theres allready another post about this. and excuse my about my english too*.

So About the AMD 6750 , From the leaked info the 6750 is very close to a AMD 5850, and I am looking for this to replace my current graphics card AMD 5670 1GB GDDR5.

My Current specs:

4GB RAM DDR3 1333
256 HDD
Cooler Master Elite 430
1600X900 | 1980X1080p
Motherboard ASUS M4N68T-M V2

So one of my many questions is.

I will this card fit on my system , wont be any bottleneck? ( I cant Overclock the CPU)

I will this card be good enough for playing Crysis 2 . BattleField 3. Dirt 3 Black Ops.
(ATM I'm pretty happy with my 5670 ( Past card ati 4550 ( and past from past 7300 LE) ) I Can play Dirt 2 with 80 FPS at 1600x900 Black ops | modern warfare 2 & 1 | 120 FPS. How?( Overclock'd | Shadow's ALLWAYS OFF | CCC in Performance| NO AA or AF | The rest max out'd)BF (60 Fps shadows low | rest high and no AA or AF or HABO ) Crysis Warhead at 35 FPS Gamer Settings Shadow low.

So I will keep those settings above No shadow's no AA and no AF.

Will the 6750 Meet those requirements for the gaming generation and I dont plain to upgrade graphics in 2 years.
After the AM3 + Bulldozer I will try to get a phenon x6 ( Hope the prices drop)

So Reviewing

ATHLON X4 + 6750 = Good Set?
Playable on Dirt 3 , Crysis 2 ( Gamer Settings | shadow's off) , BF 3 and other DirectX 11 games. with the same settings no shadows AA or AF. CCC = performance.
What would be the Price of 6750 = 150 Euros?( Since the 6850 is 190 euros and 6770 would be atleast 170 euros).
When does the AMD 6750 Will be stores?
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  1. lol. another thread?

    i suggest you keep your discussion on your old thread. easy for you and easy for everyone that want to help you :)
  2. 6750 is an OEM only part and it's just a renamed 5750 and is alot weaker than a 5850. Now the Radeon 6850 is almost as fast as a 5850 while using less power as well as being a pretty good overclocker.
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