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Ive just built a new games pc, a Phenom 955 BE with a AMD HD6850 etc. I can run pretty much all games on full, but with anti aliasing on, frame rate drops considerably. Is this normal in new games? Would i need a Crossfire GPU to effectively run anti aliasing in all games?
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  1. AA has a known performance impact, yes. You could try a less intensive AA setting (4x as opposed to 8x or 16x). Also, there have been some AA-related problems with Radeons over the years, so make sure you keep your drivers up to date.
  2. its normal
  3. You're asking the video card to perform at least 2x the calculations to render the same scene. Don't expect it perform the same, as that'd be near damn impossible.

    Look up on what anti-aliasing really is.
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    Also depends on the game. Some games have AA options in the menu. Yes it'll hurt performance, but usually less so than trying to force it through with drivers (as in, in Catalyst).
  5. Thanks, I knew it would take a performance hit, but didnt know it would be quite so significant.
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