Can a 500-watt PSU handle this new build?

Hello everyone! I'd like to know if my 500-watt Thermaltake psu can still handle my computer specs if I add 4 more fans to my rig. I'm planning to buy a Thermaltake V4 edition casing which can fit 5 120mm fans
and 1 200mm fan. If I add these new fans (3 120mm & 1 200mm fan) to my rig will my PSU still be able to handle it?

My current system specs without new add-ons:

- Intel core 2 duo E7400 at 2.8 GHz
- Inno3d GTX 460 768mb OC at 750/1500/1900 MHz
- ASUS P5 KPL AM-SE mobo
- Thermaltake 500-watt PSU
- 2 Seagate HDD 1TB and 320GB at 7200 rpm
- 2x2GB Kingston ddr2-800MHz memory
- 1 dvd reader drive
- 1 cd-rw drive
- 2 120mm fans

Thanks for the support in advance!
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    As long as the psu is a decent one you'll be fine, fans use tiny amounts of amps
  2. Yes I think the 500w PSU will handle that build.
  3. It will easily support that build.
  4. Could you tell us the model of the PSU? Because I've heard a lot of things about Thermaltake PSU's and not all of them were good.
  5. no problem with that PSU, you can used it.
  6. Thanks for the answers everyone, I can now put the add-ons without compromising my PSU!

    Btw Julius 85: My Tt model # is WO316 Litepower w/o PFC, u won't find it in their website, don't know why, but thanks anyway!

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  8. Thank you for B.a. man, glad to be of help
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