Two different graphics card in one motherboard in same windows on one monitor?

I know this is a crazy question. I have a ATI Radeon HD5670 and a Nvidia GeForce GT430 and I know it's not crossfire or SLI but can I switch between them? Sometimes I want to use the 5670 because of its better graphics and sometimes I want to use the GT430 because some older games like Splinter Cell Double Agent and NFS Most Wanted crash while using the 5670. I quite fed up to dual boot the windows with different driver and change the monitor adapter because I have only one monitor.

So the question is can I have two graphics card running on the same windows and switch between them (disable ATI when using Nvidia, and vice versa). As for the monitor, it has a DVI and HDMI slot, so can I connect the DVI cable to the GT430 and HDMI cable to the 5670, or vice versa, so I do not need another monitor to get this work?
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  1. Crazy question indeed... I suggest you rather try and solve your crashing issues with the 5670 and stick to that. Have you tried updating the drivers?
  2. Tried many things : Update the driver, use older driver, edit 3D settings, install directX, update bios, edit bios settings, remove the 5670 and insert again, use one stick of memory only instead of two, change the windows (XP, Vista & 7), etc. I even edit the registry but still not work.
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