Pentium D vs Pentium Dual Core question

I'm putting together an inexpensive machine to run Ubuntu Server. I made the mistake of jumping on a recertified Pentium D Smithfield CPU on Newegg. Now I come to find out there aren't very many motherboards still sold as new that are compatible with Pentium D, at least that's how Newegg lists them.

If a socket LGA775 motherboard is listed as compatible with Pentium Dual-Core, would it also be compatible with Pentium D, or does have to specifically say Pentium D in the list of compatible CPU's?
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  1. For compatibility, you need to check "cpu support" on the motherboard webpage and the specific model number of your cpu. Pentium d is too broad of a description. The cpu support section lists the specific model number of cpus, which is stamped on the first line.
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