Need a replacement fan for a evga 9800gt single slot g/card

Hello! I have a EVGA 9800gt 1gb single slot g/card. The fan went out on me yesterday (It is a bearing problem) and I need a replacement fan immediately! I have no idea where to find one. The fan MUST be for the 9800gt single slot card. I have a mini case (Dell dem. C521) and I don't have ANY extra room. Thank you!
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  1. My best advice would be to try find an older EVGA card that uses the same cooling setup, when I had to fix a few systems at my dads work I found that if the parts look the same and are made by the same company they tend swap out well, just be careful with taking apart the card. Ebay or maybe freecycle might be of help.
  2. Hmm ok, what would you suggest for an "older" card? 8800gt?

    Any more options anyone?
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